Press Clippings

Lara Vadlau and Jola Ogar - Suffolk Times, October 29th, 2015

Article from 2013 Sail-World Magazine

September 2005 The Suffolk Times - Suter Sails to World Title in Classic page1 page2

October 14, 2004 The Suffolk Times - Right Wind for Whitebread page 1 page2

July 1, 2004 The Suffolk Times - Suter Sets Sail for Summer Olympics

June 2003 Block Island Race Week

August 6 1999 The Suffolk Times- Suter Sew Up 2nd at N. American Regatta

February 11, 1999 - Coach Suter Cooks Up Some Delightful World Sailing Results

September 3, 1998 The Suffolk Times- Coach Suter Sets Sail for 470 World Regatta

May 1998 Yachting Magazine- Close Shave Wins Miami Regatta

March 19, 1998 The Suffolk Times- Suter, Clark Sail onto U.S. Team

February 12, 1998 The Suffolk Times- Borrowed Boat Brings Victory

February 12, 1998 Traveler Watchman- Suter Wins Miami Regatta

February 5, 1998 The Islander News- Suter Finds Boat, Wins 470s in OCR

February 1, 1998 Miami Herald- Minus Mustache, Suter Wins Miami Regatta

January 22, 1998 The Islander News- Suter Sets Sights on 470s at OCR

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